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May Beauty Faves

It's finally May and you know what that means? Summer is finally on its way!! It's time to get those legs out of hibernation, the dresses from the back of your wardrobe and slip on your sunnies cause the sun is starting to make its rare appearance in the UK-woo!
We decided to do a little summer beauty review with some of our go-to products of the month, perfect for keeping your skin looking healthy and glowing all-summer-long.


I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to shower gels / creams it isn't something i'd usually look to usually splash out on. HOWEVERRRR, we have recently discovered the Elemis Bath and Shower cream and my opinion on this matter has since changed (much to the despair of my bank balance). It's so important to look after your skin, after all you only have one body guyyys! We both have really sensitive skin and this cream was so soft and gentle on it, not to mention how it smells sooooo good! If you're looking to purchase something that's perfect for all skin types then we would HIGHLY recommend this product. It was amazing for us both post-holiday as our skin was a tad burnt from all the sunbathing sessions in Thailand and this was a godsend when it came to showering - not to mention that it lasts ages as only need a small amount. Well worth the money as a shower staple! 


This tan extender is the perfect solution to prepare skin prior to sunbathing to help achieve a deeper, natural colour whilst prolonging the life of your tan. We used this whilst in Thailand and although it does state to apply twice a day for 10 days prior to tanning we only started using it once already out there. It not only helped to keep our tan lasting throughout the weeks we returned but also doubled up as an amazing aftersun as the gel was super cooling on the skin. This product was the
 perfect combination for fair skins that burn easily or suffer from prickly heat - as we get both (what a pair!) BRONZE ME is available in two shades,  for a sunkissed golden glow on lighter skins or to enhance the colour and radiance of a tanned skin. Rich in anti-oxidants it will help protect the skin against free radical damage and can be used on both face and body- win win. Next time we plan a holiday we will be sure to try it BEFORE we actually go away as I can’t wait to see how the results would be if we had actually followed the instructions properly - whoops.

HOT TIP - BRONZE ME Instant Tan is ideal to keep your tan topped up in between spray tans and perfect for tanning on the glow!  This beauty cabinet essential will make sure you never go a day without feeling beautifully bronzed and body confident - in an instant!

This ultranourishing body oil is honestly my absolute FAVOURITE beauty product everrrr. Strong statement I know but I have literally never put it down since my first use it's that good gals!! Formulated to restore glow, softness, elasticity and comfort to the skin this oil is a much better alternative to the trusty cocoa butter I had been using in the previous months. It combines the healing and soothing properties of Rose Otto Oil and Omega 6 & 7 essential fatty acids to boost skin repair and softness. In addition, oils from Jojoba, Argan, Macadamia, Rice Germ and Cranberry Seed further nourish and protect the skin against oxidative damage and premature ageing - AN ALL ROUND WINNER GUYS! It sinks in beautifully and your skin feels totally hydrated (not greasy) in an instant. The smell is divine and always attracts comments when you wear it. Treat yourself to this product once and you'll quickly find it becomes something you can't live without having on the bathroom shelf.


Last but not least is the wet brush shine. If you're looking for an upgrade from your trusty tangle teaser then this is the perfect product for you. The Mongolian Boar and Intelliflex bristles help to replenish strands by distributing your hair’s natural oils helping to let your hair shine naturally. TOP TIP: Can be used with heat and on extensions and wigs and did we mention it's amaaazing to de-tangle those holiday locks. Sun, sea and sand did and always does matte our hair to shreds and this little number was our goto post shower every evening to tame the fros!

We hope you liked our little round up. Have you tried any of our beauty faves? What did you think? We'd love to hear what yours are too!

Analise & Chloe