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Essential Tips for Travelling South East Asia

It's one month today until I set off on my backpacking adventure around South East Asia and as always, I've found myself panic packing! I figured I would write a check list of things for anyone else doing a similar trip soon - who knows it might help someone else out too!


Detoxing| Pilates | Brunch

Festivals are finished, summer holidays seem like a distant memory and you can betcha the great British sun has gone AWOL for good. This leads us to one conclusion.. winter's coming.



I recently went on a week long holiday to Ibiza full of sun, sea and lots of prosecco. After hiring a boat, visiting ocean beach and celebrating one of my best friends 21st birthdays in style i have to say i absolutely loved it. Yes there are some places I would say to avoid such as the west end unless you like the zante/maga vibe but overall the places we visited were a lot nicer than i was expecting in particular the beaches although i have to say the amount of daylight we actually ended up seeing was limited!